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Staff Picks–The Line

The Line by J.D. Hornthe line

One of my all-time favorite places to visit is Savannah, GA. Not only is the town rich with history and heritage, the atmosphere is just so friendly and energized. This is saying a lot since the actual weather is hot and muggy almost year-round! Anyway, when I saw we had a series here at the library that takes place there and also has supernatural themes, I had to check it out right away! J.D. Horn must love Savannah as much as I do because he really focuses on the landscape, architecture, and lifestyle of the community, while weaving a unique tale that has Hoodoo, witchcraft, and more. If you enjoyed Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series, you would probably love this book (though there are no vampires!)

Mercy Taylor is a woman in her early 20’s that was born into a special family. All of her relatives possess a unique power, but seemingly, this gene missed her, leaving her with no supernatural skills. Her twin sister, on the other hand, seemed to get double the powers, making her a strong witch that the family favors over Mercy. Devastatingly, Mercy is madly in love with her twin’s fiancé, but desperate to feel real love for the kind and honest man who loves her. In a foolish attempt to use magic to sway her feelings, Mercy turns to a local Hoodoo priestess to concoct a love spell that would make her fall out of love with the wrong man and in love with the right one. As expected, not all goes as Mercy planned. In fact, disaster, betrayal, and tragedy ensue as Mercy sets out to try to solve a dark family mystery and attempt to correct that which has gotten wildly out of control.

This is part of a genre dubbed “New Adult fiction”…the main characters are just out of their teens, living as adults for the first time of their lives. This series is called Witching Savannah and so far, there are two more titles, The Source and The Void.

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Recommended by Addie at Beckley