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Staff Picks – Unleashed

Unleashed by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie’

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

It’s about a girl who has to move away from California when her mom dies. She is taken to live with her grandfatherin a remote location called Wolf Springs in the Ozark Mountains.

She makes new friends and tries to decide who or what they are about. Even though it sounds crazy, she thinks they are werewolves.

This first book of the Wolf Springs Chronicles leaves you wanting to know more of what’s going to happen to Katelyn in the next installment, which will be out in the fall of 2012. The third book comes out the fall of 2013. You can bet the library will be watching for these!

I recommend this book to all who enjoy the darker things in life. Find it in YA Fiction.

P.S. Holder has received 4 Bram Stoker Awards for her supernatural fiction. You can check out her other books at her website . Viguie’ is the co-author (with Holder) of the New York Times best-selling Wicked series. Her website is .

Recommended by: Stacy at Main

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Staff Picks – Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement


The author of this book was driving to a camping site in Kentucky when she saw a brightly painted design on the side of a barn. Having grown up with quilts made by her grandmother, she quickly recognized the design as being a quilt square. The following day she could not ignore the attraction of the design and backtracked to find out more about it. After some exploration, Suzi Parron was directed to Donna Sue Groves, who lived in Ohio and was the creative genius behind the art form now known as Barn Quilt Trail.

Some of you may already know Donna Sue, because she was raised in Roane County, WV. Some of you may also know of or have seen the Monroe County Quilt Trail (it has its own web site). The Monroe trail is not mentioned in this book, but there are pages devoted to other West Virginia barn quilts.

Beyond the local ties, the chapters in this book present a fascinating look at the American Quilt Trail Movement. There are 30 states with such trails; Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio are three of the eight states meriting individual chapters. There are several more that tell how the quilt trails were begun, developed, and by whom. Each chapter has color photos of the barn quilts.

The stories of these special creations are delightful to read, but just browsing through the pages to see the quilt squares and where the barns are located is a treat as well.

Check out this marvelous book in the adult nonfiction collection at 725 Parron c2012 (PB).

Recommended by: Paula at Main

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Staff Picks – Gothicka

GOTHICKA: Vampire Heroes, Human Gods, and the New Supernatural by Victoria Nelson

Young adults and many regular adults, myself included, are today enchanted by vampires and other supernatural and fantasy characters. Many of these are portrayed in current, wildly popular books, such as those by Stephanie Meyer (the Twilight series), Morgan Rice (Vampire journals), and Nancy Holder (the Wicked series).

This book by Victoria Nelson explores the origins of this genre, which is designated Gothick, coming from the terms Gothic, which means medieval time period, and Gothick, which is a dark romanticism (sinful clerics of both sexes, incest, ghosts, and murder). Old Gothick served as a back door to the world beyond. Today’s Gothick suggests that if we want to get to heaven, monsters can help show us that it’s here on earth.

Gothick is a genre primarily written for young people but it has shown an uncanny ability to adapt to many social and cultural differences, hence its appeal to a very wide audience. The hero and heroines of early Gothick novels were most likely the first Emos — for people in the know, I need say no more; for others, i.e., some parents & grandparents, emo is short for emotional.

The American Gothick run is not over; there is a dedication to story as well as outrageousness and shifty ways of expressing that story that push beyond expected limits.

I recommend this book to parents of young adults who read this genre. It will help the parents understand why their children like to read this type of story.

Long live Gothicka!

Recommended by Stacy at Main

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Staff Picks – The Barefoot Sisters: Walking Home

THE BAREFOOT SISTERS: WALKING HOME by Lucy and Susan Letcher a.k.a. Isis and jackrabbit

Volume 2 of the Barefoot Sisters’ adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail is every bit as fun to read as was the first book (Southbound). The months of better weather for the northbound hike presented plenty of new experiences, ranging from extraordinary scenery and easier terrain to poison ivy, rattlesnakes, and even a bout with Lyme Disease.

Isis and jackrabbit met another batch of thru-hikers (northbound like themselves) who quickly became new friends. These folks met at various times in various shelters, hostels, and pizza restaurants, but occasionally all gathered for special hiker events, such as Trail Days and The Gathering. The two young women also made a couple of side trips with hiker friends. Two of the special ones were spring break in a fabulous house on a Florida beach and tourist time in New York City.

The pages progress with journal entries from the girls, usually alternating. It is easy for the reader to get caught up in the prose that is beautifully written—descriptions make you feel like you are right there with them, plus their inner feelings are not held back.

Each book can be read as its own adventure, but the two together are a journey that is poignant, fun, and real.

Find this one in adult nonfiction: 917.4 Letcher

Recommended by: Paula at Main

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