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Staff Pick – Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

 If you fell in love with paranormal young adult books like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries (like I did), but are looking for something with less blood drinking and a lot more action, then Clockwork Angel is the book for you!

Clockwork Angel, the first in an anticipated trilogy (Infernal Devices) is a prequel to Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series that includes City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, and City of Fallen Angels. However, one does not need to read the Mortal Instruments Series before delving into Clockwork Angel.

 The book takes place in Victorian London and focuses on the lead character, Tessa Gray, who has an unrealized talent of being able to shape-shift into another person. When she arrives in London to look for her missing brother, she is kidnapped by the “Dark Sisters” who, along with the mysterious “Magister”, wish to exploit her talents. Tessa is rescued by a group of demon hunters (or as they are called in the book, Shadowhunters). The Shadowhunters help Tessa learn that the Victorian London Underworld is actually full of supernatural beings, such as vampires, warlocks, demons, and more! Tessa and the Shadowhunters set on a quest to discover the origin of Tessa’s unique power and the identity of the mysterious Magister, in attempt to prevent his sinister plot that threatens to destroy London, as well as Tessa.

Clare has been described as a talented writer with well-developed and entertaining characters. For Clockwork Angel she is also praised by School Library Journal for not only her unique characters, but also for the “action-heavy plot [that] takes off from the first page, propelling readers toward a dramatic conclustion…leaving the door wide open for the next installment.”

Overall, Clockwork Angel held me to the edge of my seat and I highly recommend it for fans of the supernatural and paranormal!

Recommended by: Addie from Main

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Staff Pick – Trio of Sorcery

Trio of Sorcery by Mercedes Lackey

As the title suggests, Trio of Sorcery by Mercedes Lackey is a triad of novellas featuring powerful female mages of one sort or another. Two stories revisit characters from some of her earlier books, the witch/Guardian Diana Tregarde and the Native American shaman Jennifer Talldeer. The final story introduces Ellen McBride, a “techno-mage” who solves problems that occur where magic and technology meet.

In typical Mercedes Lackey style, you find well-written and exciting stories.  Even with their smaller size, they have enough character development to make you feel invested in the outcome. All of these stories have different perspectives on magic that make each one fresh and a pleasure to read. Some of the terminology in the newest story seems a little antiquated, but it’s easy to overlook in the fun of reading all the action. Also, with the shorter length of the stories, they are easy to finish in one sitting.

All in all, if you’re looking for a book with an interesting angle on magic, strong female protagonists, or even just a quick read with a supernatural twist, I highly recommend this book!

Recommended by: Ashley from Main

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Staff Pick – The Island

The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

The Island follows a family of four women who spend a month on Tuckernuck, a private Island close to Nantucket. The women struggle through the broken engagement and tragic death of Chess’s ex-fiance. The women hope their vacation will heal Chess, but each find a peace they never expected. I read this book last summer and loved it… a perfect beach read.

Recommended by:  Kay from Marsh Fork
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Raleigh County Library Starts a Blog!

Hello! This is our first foray into the world of online publishing. Pretty soon there will be articles sharing some book picks and reviews from our staff for everyone to read. For now though, we’re still getting the ball rolling on things, so stick around and see how things evolve from here!