Patron Picks: As Close to Us as Breathing

As Close to Us as Breathing by Elizabeth Poliner

as close to us

I put this book in my save for later cart on Amazon several months ago as something that piqued my interest for a later read–as you get older, that’s one of those memory devices! As I have been going to the library every week with the grandchildren for the children’s summer reading program (an excellent way of grandparents instilling the love of reading with their grandchildren), I made a list of all those ‘save for later’ books from Amazon to check out at the library. Thankfully, I found As Close to Us as Breathing and only wished I would have read this book months ago.

The author tells a story of three Jewish daughters growing up in Connecticut and their lives span three generations of the family. The story enables the reader an excellent glimpse of the Jewish way of life and the strong bonds of sisterhood and family. You realize regardless of your race, gender, nationality or religious beliefs, we as individuals all experience the joys and sorrows of living our lives and the importance and impact of the family that influences who we are and who we become.

The story is told from the perspective of one of the granddaughters, and while you realize as you are reading she could not know everyone’s thoughts, the storytelling works. You are drawn into the daily life of the family and you want to just keep reading. The author marvelously foreshadows events throughout that captivate your interest. The book is a delightfully superb example of storytelling written by an extremely talented author.

Recommended by Beckley library patron, Shari Jones




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