Patron Picks: Dogtripping

Dogtripping by David Rosenfelt


David Rosenfelt worked as a marketing executive in New York. When he moved to Southern California, he met his wife Debbie Myers. Debbie loved dogs and had a golden retriever, Tara. Tara developed a nasal carcinoma and had to be put to sleep. They decided to volunteer at the Los Angeles Shelter and thus began their adoption of rescue dogs. Debbie fell in love with each one and at one time they had 42 dogs!

When Debbie decided to retire they were met with the problem of moving the dogs, 25 at a time, to Maine. The book discusses their trials in family transportation, volunteers, planning meals and breaks, motel reservations across the country, putting up temporary fencing, and administering medications. It is a heart-warming story of how these two people changed their lives and placed hundreds of rescue dogs in homes across the country.

Recommended by Beckley library patron, Judy Burns


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